Understanding About Spray Booths

What’s a Spray Booth?

An airbrush spray booth and filtration unit – often known as an extraction unit, is a vital part of safety equipment to use whenever you are airbrushing. A spray booth has two principal functions. Firstly to provide a contained environment that prevents any dirt getting into the area that you’re working in which will stop your work being destroyed.

Secondly and more importantly, an extraction and filtration unit is designed to avoid the inhalation of fumes that might be potentially harmful and have carcinogenic risks as well as potential to harm the nervous system and respiratory system.

A spray booth (which is also known as “ห้องพ่นสี” in Thai language) will also lower the risk of fire and explosion, as the fumes from the substances used are highly flammable.

Components Of A Spray Booth

The spray booth is a cabinet unit, which has an extraction fan and filters which remove and absorb the harmful particles from airbrush paints. Filters are either built in or bought separately which means that they can easily be replaced. Spray booths come in many different sizes – from bench top ones that go up in degrees to ones that were intended for spray tanning.

The extraction cabinet and filtration unit absorb, dilute and disperse the damaging over spray which occurs when you paint something with an airbrush, meaning that the area is secure for you and your family. Flange alignment implements are light-weight, self-contained solutions, which can be easily conveyed and used in remote location areas.

Providing A Contained Environment

Anybody who has ever been engaged in painting with an airbrush (or any kind for that matter) will tell you that it’s a messy activity. The filtration and extraction effects of a spray booth mean that there is a contained area where the painting takes place and therefore the surfaces around this are safe.

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