Tips to decorate your table perfectly before an event

A perfectly decorated table is always the center of attraction for an event or a party.  They can add on to the overall appearance of any event. However, table decorations don’t necessarily mean draining your entire pocket. Here are simple tips to use your creativity and turn the event exciting:

  • Table cloths form the background of a table centerpiece and so it is very crucial to choose it wisely. Bright colors such as red, brown or orange, not only signify warmth but are also safe to conceal stains.

  • Likewise, white, transparent or cream colored table cloths bear a thematic effect and are ideal for formal occasions.

  • Use silver plated or golden cutlery, to add sophistication.

  • You may also use a light colored table runner, along with a dark shaded table cover.

  • Disposable paper table cloths are also an ideal option if you want to get rid of the hassles of cleaning.

  • Fill the table with classy flower vases according to the size of the table.

  • Delicate flowers, like orchids, tulips etc. are great options to be placed at the center of the table. Use artificial flowers, if you want to avoid the risks of spilling water. Place them at the center or at lower levels, so that the guests can catch a glimpse of each other.

  • Use matching napkins, complying with the color shades to make it perfect.

Keep the above-mentioned tips, when you organize a party and serve homemade cookies or dinner, to lend it a sense of completeness.

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