Tips For Storing Meat

You may find the perfect meat, the best cut and have the perfect recipe. However, you may still end up ruining your dish with a very simple mistake: improper storage of meat. To help you understand the care required for storing meat, here are some tips.


  • Bringing it home

Little thought is given to how long the meat may be sitting in your car during transit. It is ideal that you buy meat towards the end of your trip, make your ride home as short as possible and ensure that you store it properly in between, keeping in mind temperatures. A good idea is to get Sydney meat delivery to your doorstep.

  • Container

Use an air tight container, which can either be plastic or glass. Make sure you do not let it sit on wooden slabs or store them in wooden containers as they can often spoil the flavor of the meat. You can also use plastic wrap to make sure the meat retains its original flavor.

  • Drying

Many people often make the mistake of letting the meat sit in its own juices, or by storing it just as they’ve bought it from the butcher. This can actually spoil the meat. It is better to wash the meat soon as possible and dry it before storing it.

  • Types of meat

Make sure you understand the storage requirements of the meat before putting it in the freezer. Each type of meat requires different conditions and needs to be stored differently. Similarly, minced meats should preferably be consumed immediately, rather than freezing.

Use these tips and get the most benefit from the meat. 

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