Tips For Creating High Notes With Bamboo Flute

Flutes can be tricky when it comes to playing high notes, particularly wooden or bamboo flutes. While metal flutes can be designed to create higher notes, bamboo flutes require skill and practice to achieve this. To help you in this endeavor, here are some tips.


  • Practice

Like a high jumper, or any other athlete, you need practice and show commitment. You need to give it your all, and dedicate time to practice if you want to master these high notes. On a bamboo flute tunes with high notes are extremely difficult and need to be practiced.

  • Heimlich Maneuver

Unusual, but one way to get a strong burst of airspeed required to get the higher flute notes is to practice this maneuver. While the first time it may come out as a squeak, over time, once you master the imaginary Heimlich Maneuver, you will be able to get the higher notes right.

  • Resistance

Similar to blowing a balloon, hitting the higher notes requires you to feel the resistance and allow for your tongue to create the exact note required. The resistance helps by making the air pass through the flute faster.

  • Positioning

This is a little known fact that higher notes require a downward angle. With the top lip stretched further than usual, and open your nasal cavities, allowing for the air to flow from your nostrils and through the flute to achieve the perfect high note.

We hope this guide helps you achieve perfection with those high notes.

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