Thailand Is More Than Beaches-Discover It

Once you think of Thailand frequently images of white sand beaches and sparkling crystal blue water pop into your head. But, Thailand is a great deal more diverse than just its beaches. The inside areas within Thailand are just as magnificent to see since individuals across the coastline.

A fantastic case in point is Chiang Rai that will be situated in the north of Thailand along the Ping River. In Chiang Rai, there is a number of river resort and spa available to relax there.

river resort and spa

Explore the Scenery of Thailand

Chiang Rai’s climate is tropical with a wet season and higher humidity. The very best time to visit is during December and February when the daytime temperatures are a pleasant mid-twenties Celsius as well as the evenings are much warmer and less humid.

During that time that it is far more pleasant to explore the scenery of this town and the whole state. Several operators offer tours into the woods or treks through the mountains. There are a number of parks such as Doi Inthanon National Park. For the very adventurous it’s also likely to take an eco-tour and keep using members of mountain tribes through your holiday to see their lifestyles first hand.

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