Whats The Right Way to Mop Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are among the most beautiful floors available and can serve any office or household for a very long time. This is obviously news that is worth celebrating but there is catch as without proper maintenance the floors will not stay for long. One way of maintaining these floors is by cleaning them by mopping, as Brian Wood from Aberdeen Flooring explains. Mopping hardwood floors is not like mopping any other kind of floor as if not mopped properly the floor can be damaged irreparably. Among the things that should really be looked into when cleaning hardwood floors are the cleaning products. There are some cleaning products that are very abrasive and could end up damaging the floor or discoloring it in the long run. The best products to use therefore are the ones that are compatible with the floor. 

The kind of mop used for mopping hardwood floors also matters if the floor is to remain as it were and not get damaged. The best mops to use are those that entail microfiber pads that one can wash and use repeatedly before it gets worn out. There are mops that are just as effective but their only problem is that they are not durable and one has to throw them away after only using them once. Basically, the best mop to use is one that cleans quickly, is residue free and is easy. When cleaning the floors it is very important that a person guards against having spills or water puddles. This is because having to much water on the floor might lead to its discoloring or staining. When mopping the floor all that a person needs to do is to keep their mop damp and not unnecessarily wet. 

Prior to mopping hardwood floors, it is advisable that the person who is mopping first sweeps the floor. This will help to remove the very big debris that are found on the floor and make the mopping process easier. If liquid is the chosen cleaning product then one should ensure that they do not use so much of it as the water may become too soapy and end up taking up too much of one’s time. Incase detergent is the chosen product then one should ensure that it has devolved well in water before they continue with the cleaning. Another important factor to consider is the timing as cleaning when everybody else is awake can be quite tiresome as every time they pass they leave marks on the floor. The best time to clean the floor is in the morning before everyone else is up of after they have gone to work or school.  For more cleaning tips one should check out the many cleaning magazines or books for help. 

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