Plastic Barriers Are Better Than Concrete Barriers

Small as well as big construction jobs make use of plastic barriers to save costs. The installation of the plastic barriers does not require heavy cranes like installation of concrete barriers. Plastic barriers are cost-effective and can be re-used. You can easily move them and are more affordable as compared to the concrete barriers. Plastic barriers are ideal for traffic and crowd control.

These barriers are used for road construction projects and to restrict unsecured location during natural disasters and another emergency. These barriers come in various colors but the bright orange, yellow, and white ones for uniformity. These bright colors are highly visible.

There are three types of barriers which are often used. These are:

Traditional Barriers: The height and length of traditional barriers are 42 inches and 72 inches. These barriers are easy to carry weighted 100 to 200 pound.

Low Height Barriers: These types of barriers are sued to partition work zone. Usually, the height of these kinds of barriers ranges from 24 to 34 inches. These barriers are also used to partition parking spaces.

Lightweight Traditional Barriers: These barriers are most light weighted among all the barriers. These barriers are used for an emergency situation and can be easily installed.

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