Physicians and Their Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behavior consists of bad impact and personality traits. Traits can be both positive and negative.

There are two types of behavior noticed that is the aggressive behavior and the passive-aggressive behavior.

Aggressive behaviors:

-Foul and abusive language                                                                              -Yelling

-Threatening gestures                                                                                       -Intimidation

-Public complaint of coworkers                                                                         -Insults others

-Slamming down items

-Invading one’s distance

Passive-aggressive behaviors:

-Intentional miscommunication

-Unavailability for specialist things, e.g., not doing pages or delay in replying.

-Talking in a low or muted voice

-Condescending tone or language

-Impatience with queries

-Malicious gossip

-Making fun of an Individual’s personal appearance


-Implied risks

-Particularly retribution for making complaints


Effect of Disruptive Behavior

-Lowered staff morale

-Increased mortality of employees

-The negative standing of the Healthcare program

-Undermined team efficacy

-Poor patient satisfaction

-Diminished patient care: medical errors, undesirable elements

-The greater cost of maintenance


There are two types of personality traits associated with disruptive physicians. To know more about disruptive physician behavior you can refer to a source: Disruptive Physician.

Positive traits:

-Highly-skilled                                                                                               -Well-read

-Intelligent                                                                                                     -Articulate

-Hard-working                                                                                               -Heavy admitters

-Confident                                                                                                     -Persevering


Problem traits:

-Arrogant                                                                                                        -Intimidating

-Controlling; the insistence of having things their way                                   -Entitlement

-Inflexible, uncompromising                                                                            -Un-empathic

-Self-centered; exaggerated sense of self-importance                                   -Blame others

-Rationalizing to warrant their behavior                                                          -Denial

-Create anger and distress in others; seen as hard by others                        -Fight assist

-Lacks self-awareness, penetration, accurate self-appraisal                          -Vindictive

-Lacking in guilt; incapable of real apologizing                                                -Litigious

-Failure to self-correct behavior

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