Mapping Out A Life Coaching Direction

I’m not the kind of Life Coach who believes that my life has to be perfect for me to be able to offer Life Coaching to other people. To my way of thinking that makes about as much sense as saying you wouldn’t ever go to a doctor who got sick, or visit a bald hairdresser. You can find best life coach at

My only criteria when it comes to Life Coaching is can I help get my clients from where they are to where they want to be. At the end of the day, if my clients are happy, then so am I because they pay me to help them become happier.

Having said this, I really think there’s a point to be drawn from the sand.  I actually don’t believe some body with anger control problems should be described as a Life Coach. In addition, I do not believe some body who wants to gossip and can’t honor confidentiality needs to take-up life-coaching or some other curative role for this issue.

Drug-addicts might not make great life-coaches and a life-coach which matches, smokes two packs of smokes every day and reverses a bottle of scotch will fight to obtain authenticity. But everyone including life-coaches suffer from their life.  In reality issues are a part of this fabric of life and there isn’t any way to get around that.  It isn’t the issues we all now have comprise us however, just how we deal and manage together.


I’ve experienced a great deal of medical problems throughout the past couple of years and also at one point about last year that started to return to this stage at which I was not sleeping nicely.  I proceeded along to visit my physician who was excited to place me despite the fact that I was not excited to be to these.   I presumed that a life-coach was carrying things a lot.

It was time for you to take my information.  As could job load increased along with also my period got scarcer, my meditation practice’d obtained a beating to the stage at which I had been blessed basically stumbled more often than once each week.

And all of those are scientifically proven, we are not talking about woo-woo stuff here but hard scientific data replicated many times.

As I left the doctors without the medication I decided that I could carry on as I was, or take my own advice and commit to meditation on a daily basis. I’m glad to say that I did the latter and now never miss a day meditation and feel 100% better.

I still have some lingering health issues, but they are no longer dragging me down and it feels great not to be relying on medication for a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

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