Learn a little in detail about Thailands history


Thailand has been a place of tourist interest for years now. Tourists visit the place for its beautiful beaches, temples and such beautiful locations. But how many know the history behind Thailand’s monasteries and temples? The simple solution to know all about Thailand is by downloading the Thai app that has all the background and history of the country. This app is a great addition for tourist and it does act as a virtual guide for all those who may ne interested in learning more about the country.

Know the essentials about Bangkok

Bangkok is the most famous place that tourists love to visit. The app in Thailand comes in great use here too. One can learn all about Bangkok’s essentials so that they can have a great experience and stay. The app lists down all travel essentials so that the tourist feels comfort while they are in Bangkok. The Thailand app also teaches people about the rich and local culture of the Thai cities.

Learn about the dos and don’ts in Thailand

There is a list of do’s and do not’s in the country. They can be the rules that the government has set and the local culture norms. These help the tourists in being aware so that they do not hurt the sentiments of the locals unknowingly. These applications can be of great use. Thus, all tourists and travellers must have the app handy so that they can have a comfortable stay.

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