How DVI Splitters Useful?

Some conference rooms are hard to technical resource groups. Some are rather large and seat hundreds of people. However, presenting a PowerPoint or other presentation from a digital projector connected to one computer generates less than optimal viewing situations.

Maybe you’ve attended a seminar at which you could hear the presenter, but the electronic display of this presentation was hard to view. But if the movie was projected on a couple of screens that were nearer to your chair you would get a clearer view. If it seems like a situation you confront your next presentation, look into a DVI Distribution Amplifier to address the issue. One can learn more about DVI Splitters on dvi splitter via

dvi splitter

How does it work?

Let’s say you need to use a single notebook to show a PowerPoint presentation on a wall or screen in three or four unique locations. To solve this issue you will want a DVI splitter that supports 4 or more output links. These are small units about 3-inches large, two or three inches deep and approximately 18-inches broad. DVI splitters are little devices that solve a huge problem by getting video signals transmitted out to multiple screens or projectors from one computer resource. If you are interested in buying DVI Splitter then take a look on dvi extender through

When DVI splitters support multiple computer sources, they’re known as a DVI matrix change. Using the DVI splitter you can join four DVI-D or DVI-I enabled projectors to one notebook.

The signal is then transmitted to the target screen, projector or screen (as many as 16 screens) as though it were only 1 signal. To put it differently, the quality of the screen isn’t degraded by dividing the signal and sending it down the cable to multiple projectors.

This splitter works with electronic monitors in addition to digital projectors. You can use the exact same device to hook up 4 digital LCD monitors and deliver the presentation to four distinct locations in one room.

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