Why Cool Business Names Is Better?

Finding a Cool Business Name could be far simpler than you think! If you’re searching for business name ideas, you’ve probably already searched the internet for ideas, only to discover that the majority of the suggestions don’t apply to your specific business, or you’ve got to pay some man an arm and a leg for the privilege of trying to develop one for you!

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You can do it yourself! You only need a few suggestions to get you moving. Brainstorming is a wonderful way to start. Firstly, you will want to discover related keywords for your cool company name. Do not panic, there are resources online that can help you with this.

The keyword selector tool lets you type in a keyword and it’ll return a list of related keywords for that word. From this list, you’ll get keywords which you would not have thought of in a month of Sundays.

Copy and paste these words into a notepad or word document and then return to the selector tool and search for another related word. Keep repeating this procedure until you’ve got a long list of keywords with which to brainstorm.

The procedure for getting that cool company name is now well on its way. The next step is to produce a shortlist of the keywords which take your fancy.

Put a twist on some of the keywords which you have shortlisted. This could be accomplished by spelling the words in a funky way. Eg. Rather than you, try u. rather than additional, use extra.

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