Simple Texas Holdem Rules You Need To Know

Players can either open, raise, check or fold. Open means starting the betting round; Raise means increasing the bet amount; Check is declining to make a bet and fold is to forfeit your bet. Unlike all the other actions, when a player folds, there is no more possibility of winning the pot.

After the pre-flop comes the first three community cards called ‘the flop’. Up next is another round of staking, that leads to the next community card – ‘the turn’. You may get more knowledge via¬†

This is followed by another staking round which takes us to the last and final community card – ‘the river’. Finally, the game ends with a showdown where the players compare five cards, called a poker hand – which is taken from the two hole cards and the five community cards to decide who wins the game.

It is important to remember that community cards are only drawn after the burn card is ‘discarded’. Burn cards are cards which are not included in the game and are usually taken from the top of the deck to prevent cheating or second dealing.

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