Rejuvenating Chakra Points With Chakra Jewelry

The word chakras are deemed new age terminology in many areas of the world, especially in the West.  The term chakras is a Sanskrit word that refers to the 7 spinning energy centers across the mid-line which constitute the subtle energy system of the human body, according to the ancient Vedic philosophy of India. You can also browse Zen Like Products and ash-Zen Like to check out a variety of chakra jewelry.

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These 7 energy centers, or chakras, act as an energetic blueprint into the body’s physical and psychological condition, with each chakra corresponding to a specific facet of the mind and bodily organ system.

What’s more, each chakra is distinguished by a different color and is sensitive to certain crystals, gemstones, and minerals.  Wearing a crystal or gemstone associated with a specific chakra has the power of triggering that chakra and supplying its specific gifts of psychological and physical healing, spiritual connection and so much more.

There are hundreds of crystals, minerals, and diamonds on this earth, and so many still to be found.  It’s necessary that you know which stones correspond to each chakra.  This knowledge is a powerful tool in healing one’s own physical and psychological disorders.

It’s thought in early Vedic philosophy that one’s physical and psychological condition is apparent from the energetic blueprint of the human body long before it manifests in our lives.

Therefore, applying diamonds and crystals to their relative energy centers, or chakras, is also a potent preventative tool.  Learning how each chakra and its comparative diamonds and crystals relate to our physical and psychological systems is a magic and empowering journey.

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A great gift for women


An elegant and unique piece of jeweller is women’s best friend. There are so many things you need to consider while purchasing like budget, one’s taste and much more. Going and buying jewellery is a time consuming process.

Pearls have been used in industries for last many decades because of its elegance and uniqueness because it never fades away. There are different types of stones that are available in the market and they have their respective appearance and meaning.


Vintage jeweller has become fashionable again with more and more women going for antique and vintage jeweller designs to provide them with that unique and rare item that isn’t being worn by every other woman around the world. Vintage jeweller is hand crafted jewellery that is why it is distinct and unique. These pieces are crafted by top artisans. you can get more info regarding Inspired by the Ocean from here.

Now day’s women choose vintage design over modern design. Whenever we go out to buy we always buy from reputed supplier .It is important that you take certain factors into consideration when choosing vintage jeweller to ensure that you make the best decision to meet your particular jeweller needs and requirements.
One should buy only that jewellery that is certified.

Types of stones:

Emerald: Emeralds are one of the three main precious gemstones and are known for their fine green to bluish green colour.

Ruby: Rubies are known for their red colour and are among the most highly valued precious gemstones.

Sapphire: The most popular form of sapphire is blue sapphire, which is known for its medium to deep blue colour.


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