Care And Maintenance Of Motors

Used or new outboard motors require no need for regular care after each use. Outboard motors aren’t like car engines in the sense they’re likely to need more maintenance than simply every 3000 miles. Outboard motors have to take care of a good deal more ecological elements than a normal car engine.

Point of fact, car engines do not need to take care of salt residue left from saltwater use. Now, do they need to worry about constant water intrusions which outboard motors cope with during each use? So, it’s no surprise that outboard motors will need maintenance after each use.

Actions that need to occur after every trip with an Outboard motor:

Flush the engine – this doesn’t apply to only saltwater flashes, fresh water may do just as much harm as salt water.

Purchase a pair of bunny ears- This is a flexible rubber seal attached to a metal clamp. This unit helps flush the engine. Join the device on the lower portion of the engine were that the water is picked up. Connect a water hose into the rear of the bunny ears. If you want to explore more about motors then you can browseมอเตอร์%20HITACHI.html.

Start the engine and allow the water pump into its work. The water pump will pull from the clean water and wash off any leftover salt or sentiment which may have built up throughout your experience.

While flushing the engine check the water pump to determine if you are getting a fantastic water flow. Carefully, place your hand in the flow of water. If the water isn’t pumping hard then you might have a block the outflow tube. In that case, stop the engine immediately and clear the debris. You can do it by sticking a small wire into the flow tube and working it back and forth. After you feel the tube is cleared re-start the motor and check the flow.

When the flushing of the engine is complete discount the gas line and allow the motor to operate off the excess fuel in them. After excessive fuel is burnt off place the gas line back in place.

Next check for old and water flows. This is achieved by taking the cowling off. If you discover a link consult with a boating mechanic to have the problem fixed.

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